Our Supplier

In 2009 Dave’s made a wholesale transition as our previous supplier, Certified Grocers, was acquired by Central Grocers.  We are confident this switch has enabled us to be more competitive and offer better variety in our quest to serve you better. Central Grocers currently serves as the 7th largest grocery cooperative in the United States. Dave’s is fortunate to be one of Central’s 400 independent supermarkets in the Midwest. Regardless of store size, Central prides itself in equality by offering every store the same pricing.  As a result, we share buying power as a collective group.

(Above) A portion of the dry grocery section at Central’s warehouse. This new warehouse offers 1 million square feet of space and can hold up to 5 million cases.  Believe it or not, the building is so long that the Willis Tower (Formerly the Sear’s Tower) could fit inside with 200 feet in length to spare!  (Left)  Several member of the Dave’s Team enjoyed a tour of the new Central warehouse last March.

(Above) Central’s private label brand is called Centrella and sold exclusively to Central’s member stores. Centrella brand products adhere to the highest quality standards and must match or exceed the leading National Brand in taste, appearance, and performance. In fact, Dave’s offers a ‘Double Your Money Back’ policy if you’re unsatisfied.  You’ll find hundreds of these items around the store that offer great quality at a budget-friendly price.
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