Dave’s Fresh Meat

Today, many supermarkets are moving towards a case ready program. Unfortunately, this means the customer has less choices with fewer in-store butchers. Most importantly, the product is being cut and wrapped by the big meat conglomerates and not at the store level. This includes everything from ground beef to rib eye steaks.  We will never support such standards. At Dave’s, you’ll find dedicated meat professionals on hand to offer suggestions on selecting and preparing the meal of your choice. We offer a wide variety of different cuts and we’d be happy to take your special order.

Dave’s Signature Meats are oven and grill ready fresh meats in a class second to none. Enjoy the great taste and the convenience. The Oven Ready Glazed Hamloaf is very popular and has been a customer favorite for years. It comes in an oven-safe container so just put it on a cookie sheet to bake. Instructions are on the package. Other items include Pork Patties, Tumble-Marinated Steaks & Chops, Fresh (never frozen) Salmon, Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Pork Chops, & Mushrooms, and much more.

Dave’s Big, Big, Big Meat Sale -  New Format!

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